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Responsible Disclosure Policy

This page is for security researchers interested in reporting application security vulnerabilities. This is intended for application security vulnerabilities only.

The details within your request form will be submitted to ResponsibleDisclosure.com (operated by an independent third party, Synack). If you have reported an issue determined to be within program scope and to be a valid security issue, ResponsibleDisclosure.com will validate your finding and you will be allowed to disclose the vulnerability after a fix has been issued. This process is managed exclusively by ResponsibleDisclosure.com through their platform, accordingly you must accept the ResponsibleDisclosure.com terms of service if you wish to proceed. All queries are to be directed to ResponsibleDisclosure.com and managed exclusively through the ResponsibleDisclosure.com online portal.

Typical Vulnerabilities Accepted

Typical Out of Scope

For a full list of program scope please visit the Responsible Disclosure details page.

Responsible Disclosure Guidelines